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Counterpoint Online
As always, we appreciate your interest in working with us. Counterpoint Online is a portal developed exclusively for Counterpoint Business Services, a leading provider of accounting outsourcing services to small and mid-size businesses in the Los Angeles area.
We have always envisioned Counterpoint Online to act as a communicative extension of our company, a way for us to share information and swap ideas with our clients. To that end, we encourage any comments or suggestions that will contribute to the improvement of this site
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Breathe new life into your company
If your company has fallen behind in maintaining its accounting system, we can help. We specialize in reconstructing complete financial records for companies with accounting systems that are backlogged or even non-existent. You will be amazed at how much of an effect being financially organized will have on your company. Lets us help your business get caught up with our popular Reclamation Services.

Online Company Pages
We have completed the upgrades to our Performance Review Pages (PRP). You will notice that we have redesigned the view of our calendar page and added more detail to the event logs and status reports. Now you can download all your financial reports in on easy step and have all your personal financial links on one page.

The Night Shift
We have expanded our hours to accommodate our CPA Network and Financial Industry clients burning the midnight oil. So for a limited time we are offering special rates on all of our business-to-business programs. Click here more details