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As your company grows, the frantic pace of day-to-day operations can place an ever-increasing demand on your time and attention. Too often, owners and managers find themselves handcuffed by an accounting system that has long ago outlived it usefulness. In some cases, becoming completely overwhelmed by the seemingly endless deluge of paperwork piling up on someone's desk.

It becomes easy to rationalize that you will deal with it later or that the problems will somehow resolve themselves. But this can be especially stressful when financial information is needed for external reporting- such as filing your company taxes or applying for additional funding.

Counterpoint's Reclamation Services was developed to specifically address these types of problems.

We deconstructed and analyzed every element associated with organizing and maintaining a full-scale accounting system. Then we streamlined our maintenance procedures into an eight-stage process. Our goal was to enable our teams to completely reconstruct a full year of auditable records in the fastest time possible without sacrificing accuracy or data integrity.

Our Reclamation Services are a complete turnkey solution for any company suffering with an accounting backlog problem. Our staff organizes all your financial records, process the data into a fully automated system and deliver reports that accurately chronicles your company's performance. We even organize your file system and deliver a complete set of file folders ready to drop into your file cabinet. Everything you need for a fresh start.

We arranged the Reclamation programs into three areas of focus:

Reclamation Taxation
Initially developed as a program for our CPA Network, Rec.Tax is the fastest way to get your company records current, regardless of whether they are 3 months behind or 3 years. We have used this program to quickly produce accounting records for companies facing legal and tax issues, government scrutiny or just need reliable reporting for funding projects.

Reclamation Organization
Designed for expanding companies who find themselves hindered by an obsolete accounting system. Rec.Org uses the same process as Rec.Tax, but includes the development of job costing systems, inventory controls and other customized subsystems. Rec.Org systems have greater sophistication and are designed to generate better internal reports for more in-depth financial measurements.

Reclamation Finance (new)
We create this owners-only service for our Maintenance clients. Owners of small businesses are notorious for using their personal funds to bankroll their companies- then losing track of the amounts because their personal controls are inadequate. The only reliable way to combat this is to offer a service that organizes and automates their personal records as meticulously as we manage their company's accounts.

Standard with all Counterpoints Reclamation Services projects:

  • Access to Counterpoint Online client pages (PRP) with reports available online
  • All financial reports: Monthly or Quarterly
  • FYE client disk with all your company data: PDF reports, Tax reports, and data back-up
  • Complete file system: (file folders/ with printed labels)

Reclamation Organization adds the development of:

  • Activity-based costing systems
  • Component Subsystems: Accounts Receivables, Payroll, Inventory Internal Controls others
  • Managerial Subsystems: Division and Consolidated companies

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