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A Few Things You Should Know About Counterpoint's Accounting Service

  • You should not have to wait until April of next year to find out how your company is performing. We developed our programs with a special emphasis on everyday usefulness, instead of just end of year tax preparation. So we champion the more detail-oriented activity-based cost accounting systems because they consistently produce data that is both accurate and more comprehensive for performance measurements. We have found that entrepreneurs and mangers want accounting and financial systems that provide the highest level of clarity, not anxiety.
    And clarity is the key. The purpose of the accounting system is to communicate. It produces useful information- not raw data, that tells your management specific things about your company. You need continual access to a steady flow of timely and accurate financial information. So we transform your accounting data into functional reports that go well beyond the standard monthly financial reports. More than just numbers, our custom designed reporting will help you articulate all your all you strategic decisions.
  • You should not have to wait until the end of the month to find out how your company is performing. What really differentiates Counterpoint's accounting solutions from other services is our blazing conversion speed. In most cases, we can maintain a full cycle of accounting input on a weekly basis, which is unheard of speed in the accounting outsourcing arena. That is as fast as many full in-house accounting departments.
    In an effort to capitalize on this speed, we developed our market-leading Performance Review Page (PRP). This application allows our clients to access their company's reports and data online. On a secure environment that is password protected with the latest encryption protocols. So now, anytime day or night, you can view a "snapshot" of your company's financial status, check the calendar to verify upcoming events or download any available reports
  • Accounting outsourcing is more affordable then you think. For a number of reasons, outsourcing your accounting function usually provides a substantial savings compared to managing it in-house. For one, because we are committed to being a high-quality service provider, we invest heavily in new technologies, upgrading our equipment and staff recruitment and training. That is capital you can use elsewhere in your business.
    Also, we are the accounting department for many businesses like yours, so our fixed costs are distributed among all of our customers. This means we can provide our services incrementally for less then a staff accountant; yet collectively provide a much higher level of expertise. Plus, the knowledge and experience we gain from working with so many businesses improves our processes, which allows us to operate more efficiently thereby lower the cost.
    Once Counterpoint is managing your accounting function, you can deploy your company's resources into more productive areas. This streamlining means your company can operate at a higher level of efficiently, and freeing you to manage your business more effectively.
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